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Tasmania Extension

Our Australia tour features a fantastic array of beautiful pigeons and doves, including Spinifex Pigeon in this photo by participant George Sims.
In two parts for those with limited time. Part I covers the environs of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, southwest Australia, and Alice Springs. Part II begins in Darwin and continues to Queensland (Cairns, Atherton Tableland, Outback Queensland, and O'Reilly's Guest House). Both parts combine for a complete birding tour of Australia. An optional endemic-rich extension to Tasmania follows Part II.

Australia, the "Island Continent," has been isolated since the hemispheres began and is home to one of the most exciting and unusual assemblages of native wildlife on Earth. Of the 97 native families of Australian birds, six occur only there. Some 340 of the 760 species known from Australia are endemic! There are huge Emus and the awesome Southern Cassowary, tiny fairywrens--among the world's most vividly colored birds--handsome currawongs and odd mud-nest builders, bizarre frogmouths and Australian Owlet-Nightjars, lyrebirds, and strange kingfishers--including the giant Laughing Kookaburra. And there are megapodes, parrots, pittas, fruit-doves, honeyeaters, logrunners, and whipbirds, not to mention the birds-of-paradise and bowerbirds! Among the mammals native to Australia are some of the most peculiar on Earth. A few of the special mammals we may see are Platypus, Koala, several species of kangaroos and wallabies, wombat, echidna, and arboreal possums.

Our tour will take us to wild places in each of Australia's important geographic regions. Indeed, Australia features wonderful birding and wildlife experiences throughout, and austral springtime brings out the best in this continent rich in natural wonders.

We also offer our popular post-tour extension to Tasmania. We will search for all twelve of the endemic birds and the enigmatic Tasmanian Devil amid some of Australia's most beautiful scenery.

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2019 Departures
Oct 4-24 (Part I: $9175)
Oct 22 - Nov 6 (Part II: $7225)

2020 Departures
Oct 2-22 (Part I)
Oct 20 - Nov 4 (Part II)

2021 Departures
Oct 1-21 (Part I)
Oct 19 - Nov 3 (Part II)



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Guides for our tours
Chris Benesh
Cory Gregory
Doug Gochfeld
John Coons

What to Expect
Good accommodations, easy to moderate terrain, cool to hot climate.

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